With experience racing the world over as a Pro,

racing as an age grouper, and organizing events, Glen Gore has a good understanding of what we, the athlete, want out of an event.

Glen is the brain child behind this 226 event. He is backed by his right hand man Gerrie Van Heerden. If you think Glen has enough experience, Gerrie has even more – Gerrie is almost older than the sport itself but knows every trick in the book. Glen’s did his first triathlon in 1986 and to this day he still continues to race, train and organise events.

The MiWayLife Family of Craig Baker and his crew are a fundamental part of this new venture. Craig is one of the few CEO’s that see the vision and are happy to jump on board from Day One. Always eager to please the athletes, Craig will think nothing of doing the hard yards at an event by helping the EVENT TEAM rather than sipping champers in the VIP Tent

We have some great sponsors…

They see this event as part of what they believe in. A win-win for all of us.

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