TRI DASH Individuals
200m swim – 3km cycle 1km run x 3 (each person does the triathlon 3 times over before crossing the finish line)
excludes TSA day licence of R65 for non-registered members

Ages 10yrs and up
200m swim – 3km cycle – 1km run x 3 (each team of 3 will have 1 swimmer 1 cyclist and 1 runner – they will all complete their respective legs 3 times each) Or (each team will have 2 or 3 members – each member will complete their own triathlon 200m swim – 3km cycle – 1km run) before handing over to the next team-mate or each team can have 1 member that swims bikes and runs and then hands over to the 2nd team member for their swim bike and run and finally the 3rd team member.
Excludes day license of R65 for non -registered members

TRI DASH Kids Individuals
50m swim 1km run