SA’s Newest Multisport Series

The goal is to keep the fun/no pressure appeal that brings some extra’s into the fold. We have included a shorter event this year that will cater for the ultra-rookies as well as the youngsters. We want this weekend to be all-inclusive. We will certainly limited the numbers and keep it a niche event.

We wanted something different and something fresh.

SA Triathletes have only ever known 1 Iron Distance Race over the last 17 years including the very first one that was held in CT in 2000. This 226 Challenge Event is different and we have no doubts that you as the athletes will certainly want to be part of this event either in Year 1 or in the next few to come.

  • 3 separate races

  • 3 separate medals

  • 1 combined time

  • At the end of the 226km, you as an athlete EARN your BRICK (it’s a real brick people) by placing the 3 medals earned into the slots


We have decided to give you the BEST ROI EVER. We don’t want you to sell the house to enter our event. It will be half price and the value DOUBLE in return – trust us. Go see the HOW page

This is going to be a big event and it has legs to grow over the next few years. For those of you that have been sitting on the couch giving the full distance of 226km a miss over the last few years, now is the time to swing back into it and become part of history as we launch the first ever 226 Challenge Event in SA.