The Alley Roads Construction TRI SERIES – thanks to the huge and valued support from our sponsor, is heading into its 3rd year now. We have made some exciting changes to the series and will bring 3 very DIFFERENT events to the SA Multisport scene, starting towards year end and heading into the early part of next year


NO 1




This is a truly unique event – a “triathlon” but not really. This is how is it will work

  • The event will start at 7am
  • Athletes will start with STAGE 1 which will be the swim.  You can choose any distance from 400m/750m up to 1500m
  • The Swim is a “time-trial” with swimmers starting any time between 7am – 7:15am – we then record your time once you have completed the swim as your finish-time result for Stage no 1
  • The Cycle will then start from between 8am – 8:30am. Athletes who have completed their swim, will then get ready for the bike leg and start at their convenience crossing the start mats between the given time-frame. This will then result in a recording of your bike split result for STAGE no 2. Athletes will choose distances of either 10km/20km or 40km
  • The Run will be last of the 3 disciplines  and the start will be anytime from between 9:15 and 9:45am. Athletes will choose distances to run of either 2.5km/5km or 10km. This will then be your result for STAGE no 3
  • Once the athlete crosses the finish line at the end – we will then add up their times for STAGE 1, 2, 3 (excluding the transitions times – only the times taken for each stage) to record their overall result for the TT STAGE RACE.
  • Something very different and perhaps very apt for this period in time. A GREAT NEW RACE CONCEPT.
  • You now have a chance to do a “brick” in the form of a race and really allow yourself to give it a full go at 100% or just come along for some fun. After-all, only 20% of the field are looking to podium  – the rest of the 80% just want to have fun and that is what this event is all about – Family/Friends and Training Groups enjoying a day out during summer,doing what they love best. We will also allow teams to compete as well as athletes that only want to compete in 1 discipline. So for example, you can just do the swim or just do the cycle or just do the run. We will call these guys and girls the “rabbits”
  • Go to the ENTER PAGE – select your distances in each of the swim/bike and run distances and get ready for SA’s first stage race in the form of a TRI


NO 2


28th March 2021


Distance Races

  • Sub Youth (9 to 12 yr olds)
    • 200m Swim / 5Km cycle / 1.25km run
  • Youth (12 to 15 yr olds)
    • 400m swim / 10 km cycle / 2.5km run
  • Sprint Distance (Open to All)
    • 750m swim / 20 km cycle / 5km run
  • Olympic Distance (Open to All)
    • 1.5km swim / 40 km cycle / 10km run

The race will start at 7am sharp for more info


NO 3


1st to 2nd MAY 2021


May will see the return of the popular SWIM/RUN Series that takes place from the Marine Surf-Lifesaving Club at Addington Beach.

May 2nd will see athletes compete over 2 swim distances and 2 run distances – those that want to add the COMBO (Swim Then Run) will use this as ideal preparation for the HALF IM that takes place in Durban in June

  • You can choose to either swim 950m or 1.9km
  • You can choose to either run 10km or 21km
  • You can choose to swim 950m then run either 10km or 21km
  • You can choose to swim 1.9km then run either 10km or 21km

The race will start at 7am sharp

May 1st will see entrants been offered a free surf swim training session in preparation for race day and future surf swim endevours for more info